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How to start a Youtube channel (Beginners guide)

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Youtube has become a platform for millions of people around the world to make money and to showcase whatever ideas they have. The platform currently has about 2.6 billion users, and over a billion hours of videos are being watched on a daily basis.

Furthermore, it is the second largest search engine, that is right after Google, which means, it is an avenue to discover products and services, and more and more. As you can see, one cannot just ignore this unique platform.

YouTube has reported more than 30% revenue growth in the past four years. It generated $28.8 billion in 2021, a 46% increase on 2020 figures. While those already on the platform are experiencing growth, new creators are also coming on board. Perhaps you want to have a share of the pie

Let’s walk you through step by step on how to set up your own channel and join millions of other creators to make the most of this awesome platform. To start. head over to youtube and and click sign in button at the top right corner on youtube.

You will be shown your gmail account with which you may like to sign in with, and also an option to create an account if you don’t have one.. Also you can sign in with your existing gmail account or to add another one, in case you will be sharing the account with someone..

Now, with your gmail account, you can create a channel. You start by choosing a name for your channel. This could be any name, however, it is recommended that the name aligns with what your channel is all about, that is the type of content you will be making , still it can be changed later, if you desire.

Now you have a channel, but before you start uploading content, there are few things you should do to set up your platform for a success. This include, writing a brief description about what you want your viewers to know ,when they visit your channel, your banner and your profile picture.

So click on your channel icon top right and click on your channel, and you are ready to customize.

You can now click on customize channel as indicated below

Here you see three phases, the LAYOUT, BRANDING and BASIC INFO

Normally, you see the layout highlighted when you click on customize, however, let’s start with basic info. Here you describe your channel and tell your viewers what they will be expecting from you. Feel free to market your brand to your first time visitors.

Below, you see the channel URL. which you will using whenever the need arises. Then in the future when you meet YouTube criteria, you can change it to something memorable, like tv, rather than the random letters you are seeing.

Add links you will like to share with your viewers, if any, websites or other social media profiles. Last is the email address which you can be contacted.

Now, let’s go over to the one which is BRANDING. Click on it now

As you can see, the first thing is to upload your profile picture. This will replace the S above in our own case. You can add your own picture or wherever you think best describe your channel. Can also be changed later on. Then add your banner, this is very important, as it can make your platform stands out.

So take time to make a nice looking banner. This is the face of your platform. Then the video watermark, this could be an image that also tell something about your channel, or you can use it to encourage viewers to subscribe .

Then, if you go to the first which layout. here you can upload the video you want new subscribers to see as well as one for returning subscribers. You can those ones later after setting your channel

Now click on the settings at the left column

Here on the channel column you add your country, then add the keywords that describe the content you will be uploading. It should be words that is relevant to your content.

Under uploads defaults, you write a title that describe a particular video you want to upload, add some descriptions that help people to have an overview of the video. Let your keywords words stand out.

Then select public in the third column. since you want the YouTube audience to see your videos, and lastly use appropriate tags as indicated in the last column. It also help in discovering a video.

Go back to channel tab upwards and click on Advanced settings. Youtube want to know if content is made for the kids or not. This is very important to the platform.

Finally click on Feature eligibility. In order to access some feature like uploading videos longer than 15 minutes, custom thumbnails and live stream, you should verify your phone number. So click on the drop down at intermediate features and start the verification. It takes less than 2 minutes here.

You are ready to go and share with the world what you have and reap the rewards. First, choose your niche. Whatever topic you are knowledgeable enough or you feel confident about. You should be consistent in posting.

You learn more from the platform when you start posting, using the YouTube analytical board  to find out you can make your content better. You progress with each video you make

Affiliate marketing, sponsorship, your own product or service, merchandise and YouTube partner program when you qualify, are some of the ways to make money from YouTube. Remember, you can start monetizing  from day one, though not applied to all of the avenues. Millions are made everyday with these avenues and much more.

The seasoned creators all over YouTube, from mrbeast, logan paul, Dude perfect and more started with one video. It’s now your turn.

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